WEEK 9:  BEZOLD EFFECT                        | Lantin | STUDIO ART I

due Tuesday Nov. 13 


To experiment with color – Create a repetitive design in which the total effect of the percieved hues used are altered by the change of ONE dominant hue.   



Wilhelm Von Bezold, a 19th century rug designer discovered an OPTICAL INTERACTION EFFECT which now carries his name.  The Bezold Effect describes the change in the appearance of a design as one dominant hue in the composition is changed.  In other words – by changing the color that occupies the majority of the pattern – the entire sense of the design may be changed. 



In your sketchbook, experiment with pattern design and composition.  You can use your gouches to approximate colors. 


Using the white or black paper (as available) as a background, create two separate designs using the same pattern – minimum of 6” x 6”.  You may use the color of the cardstock as one of you hues – but not the dominant one.  You should use a minmum of 4 colors in your pattern, alternating one of the colors for the second design. 


Your SECOND DESIGN should: be the same pattern as your FIRST.  The second should have a shift in overall tone from your first itteration; consider a shift in the visual field in HUE, INTENSITY, and/or VALUE;


CONFUSED?  Remind yourself by checking the illustration on courses


Think about contrast, compositon and balance to make your composition dramatic and invoke the BEZOLD EFFECT successfully



Yes, glue is pesky, but keep your work as neat as possible and the presentation as professional as you can



  • · white or black card stock as your background
  • · your collection of paper, or paint chips/color aid from the studio

you can also make your own paint chps using the gouache or tempera paint from the classroom

  • · metal ruler, exacto knife or scissors
  • · rubber cement/ glue stick
  • · the completed experiment will be mounted on a trimmed piece of presentation board (from the Painting studio – mount on the white side)



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