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COLOR WHEEL                                                           | Lantin | STUDIO ART I

due Wednesday Nov.   6



To make an Itten color wheel with even flow from hue to hue showing the relationships between the colors considered to be primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.



  • · white drawing paper
  • · your paint brushes, paint palette, gouache set, and a small bowl for water
  • · metal ruler, exacto knife or scissors
  • · rubber cement/ glue stick
  • · the completed scale will be mounted on a 11 x 14” piece of presentation board (from the Painting studio – mount on the white side)


For this assignment I would like for you to create a 12- step color wheel using ONLY three colors, your cyan, magenta and yellow;


Start off making color chips of the Primary Colors:

Primary Colors:    Yellow

                          Red (Magenta)  

                          Blue (cyan)

Paint a 3 x 3 chip of each of the primary colors using two coats and cleaning the brush thoroughly between each color. Make the chips of the primary colors fairly large since they will probably be the largest color swatches in your color wheel.


Then move onto your secondary colors:

Secondary Colors:   Yellow + Red

                             Yellow + Blue

                             Red + Blue


The colors mixed from primary colors are called secondary colors. You will mix a series of hues that go in small steps from one primary color to another and choose the best secondary color (the one half way "hue wise" between the primaries). This is similar to the way you mixed and chose the colors for your value scale. At least a dozen 3 x 3 chips should be painted of the colors between each set of primary colors.


And the most difficult to mix will be your tertiary colors— the colors between the primary and secondary colors (third level). They are named for their parent colors, primary color first (e.g. yellow green). remember to constantly reference the other chips that you have already completed.  You want and even flow from one hue to the next.

Tertiary Colors:    (Yellow + Red) + Yellow

              (Yellow + Red) + Red

                          (Red + Blue) + Red

              (Red + Blue) + Blue

                           (Blue + Yellow) + Blue
                        (Blue + Yellow) + Yellow



Recall the arrangement from class or remind yourself by checking the example in the classroom

Using a pencil, scissors, glue stick and the presentation board, compose your color wheel.



Mix a neutral grey – equal amounts of white and black

Now mix a chromatic grey – using all hues – which is equal in value to the neutral grey



at least one each of the following:

Image or artwork where diversity of hue predominates

Image or artwork where similarites in value dominate


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