Questions from Unit II

Relationship between Catholicism/Crusaders with the Eastern Church, the Coptic Church, Maronite Churches, etc.  (1204, etc.)

Punishment to musicians in the church (or priests, officials, anyone) who tinkered too much with the liturgy.  How was liturgical uniformity implemented?

Jewish and Muslim Religious life under Christian rule?  (Cohen "Under Crescent and Cross.")

What were the Jews up to?  What about their Matzah?  Blood Libel - Blood Miracles - Wandering Jew - other Legends

Church Attendance?  Popular expression of religious devotion?

     (How common was knowledge of Latin? - How many people understood the goings on?  Did that matter?)

Curia - functioning of the curia?  Legal power?  Political power?  Finances?

Monstrous Races? (Travel Narratives; Medieval Cartography)

Prester John - defense of the faith

Conversion of the Roman Empire - what did late paganism look like?  How did people resist?  How late did Roman Pagans still exist? - Related: how did Arianism end in the West?  What was the roll of idolatry/images in early Christianity?

Relationship of Church and "Scientific" thought? (and what did Scientific thought even look like?)

When/how does the pope come to prominence?

Missionaries - How does conversion happen?  Slavic missionaries in particular?  What does late medieval missionizing look like just pre-globalization?

How many denominations are there in the East - what do they think?  (Like Armenia?)

Religion/Conversion/Islam and the Asian steppe?  What are the beliefs of people appearing in Persia/Russia/Black Sea area?  

More about the Crusades? Relationship to Mongols?  Mamluks?  Egypt?

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