3.2 -- Trying on Someone Else's Process (part 2 -- craft) -- Due 10/18

Your task for next week is to revise, extend and deepen your study from the past week by exploring ideas about choreographic craft drawn from the choreographer you are studying (and of course, drawing upon your feedback from class).

To prepare for your work in the studio, watch videos of dances by the choreographer you are studying.  In particular, look at the choices the choreographer makes around space, time and energy.  What decisions has he or she made and how do they function in the work?  What strategies can you adapt from these dances to use in your own?  What particular issues are you looking to address in your piece and how do the dances that you watch deal with these same issues?  Find at least one or two whole dances to watch (not just excerpts).

If you want help in examining how certain choices are functioning within the work -- or you find a choreographic idea that you think would be particularly useful to others --  feel free to post videos to LORE and start a discussion with the group. 

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