Assignment #1:

Based on an article in the NYTimes January 27, 2009 and our class notes from last week. (2pts) - your first points!

“Spread of Malaria Strain Feared as Drug Loses Potency”

Please read the above cited article (link attached) and prepare brief but complete answers to the following questions. Please forward your responses to me by email NLT the end of the day Monday February 2, 2009.


(1) Identify and define as many epidemiology specific terms in the article as possible (i.e., potency, virulence, etc.).

(2) Define the terms Incidence and Prevalence and look up those rates in Africa, U.S.A., and Asia. Why are they different? Is it the same infectious agent and if so is it the same disease in each of these geographic areas? Why/Why not.

(3) Assuming the infective agent is the same, can you identify human factors that make the disease course different in different parts of the world?

(4) The article states that a highly effective drug "combination is also expected to be approved for sale in the United States soon, marketed by Novartis and mainly intended for people traveling overseas or for those who arrive in the United States with malaria." Why the U.S. given the relatively small market size? Hmmmmm......

(5) Define the incidence and prevalence of gastroenteritis for Pierre and his cousins. Hint: Pierre came down with his symptoms a few days after spending the weekend with his cousins. Are these rates different or the same? Why/Why not.

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