3.1 -- Trying on Someone Else’s Process -- Due Oct. 11

Pick a choreographer to model yourself after for the next two weeks.  You can choose one that you have already researched for “Choreographer a  Week”, one that someone else has researched, or someone who is entirely new to you. 

For this first week, focus on trying out aspects of your choreographer’s creative process.  Interviews (both on video and in print) will be good sources for you in finding out how your choreographer thinks about the choreographic process, what inspires their work, and how they work in the studio.  Gather a list of their approaches/exercises/beliefs to explore.

Create a short dance (around 2 minutes...or a bit longer if you would like) based on your exploration of your selected choreographer's ideas about process.


(In the following week, you will have a chance to try out your choreographer’s sense of craft, drawing from your observations of the choices they make around space, time and energy in their work to shape and edit your composition.)  

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