Questions from unit 1

What roll did music play in political ritual?

     (Why was music used for treaties or other political rituals?)


How did the criminal justice system work?


Were more monarchies based on constitutionalism or based on the divine right of kings?

How did kings express the divine right of kings ideal?

     (Try looking at "The King's Two Bodies.")

How does the church react or support the religious identity of kings?

            (How does the theology expressed in the investiture controversy color this?)


What political systems influenced the maritime republics (Italian city states – northern Italy)?


What aspects of Roman government did the “barbarians” most readily adopt?  (Which aspects did they tend to forgo?)


What was the relationship between diplomacy and warfare?  (which in which circumstances?)


What were the political goals of peasant rebellions? 

How did ideas of nationality influence the political sphere?


How often did the serf/baron agreement represent a sort of contract and how much was the system an expression only of power (and how often did it get abused?)

     (Debate in Past and Present - White, Bisson, - Big book on the end of Rome...)

What did people at the time identify as abuses?

     (Bisson again - Tormented Voices.)


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