Week 4 take home

HOMEWORK:  Shape Analysis of nature in two parts    


Your sketchbook should contain at least six smaller drawings ( ½ or ¼ sheets) for each part.



Ready for the close up:

Find a place where you can get up close and personal with nature – either outside if the weather is nice, or a house plant indoors will do if it’s raining. 

Like the shape analysis of a work of art do the following in your sketchbook – at least 2 of each –

  • describe this close up in positive and negative shapes based on tone/value. 
  • describe using border lines
  • describe using transitional lines



From a distance:

Choose an outlook – like the view from the steps by admissions for example and repeat the above three drawing categories in your sketchbook




Choose a compositition from either part 1 or part 2 that strikes you as dynamic (think back to the cut paper exercise we did in class).  Recreate this compositon on a half sheet of white.  You may use the mark making (lines close together or apart) to distinguish the shapes from one another, or cut paper.  Avoid the compulsion to shade (create tonal values within shapes) or create dimension in the shapes.  Work to use the full sheet in a comprehensive way with an eye to overall balance and innovation. 



PRODUCTION VALUES – careful attention to detail count

DO NOT skip over your thumbnails –they are part of your sketchbook to be evaluated

ALSO:  please bring in 5 things that offer a surface texture.  i.e. sandpaper, bark, pennies, wire, etc. for use in class on Tuesday

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