Jujitsu: The Gentle Art

Instructor: Daniel Orkwis Class Time: Tth 0830-0950
E-mail: orkwis@marlboro.edu Class Location: Dance Studio
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: None

Course Description
This course will provide an introduction to the martial art of Jujitsu. Jujitsu is, translated literally, the “Gentle Art.” The focus is primarily on manipulation of an attacker's energy and body in order to safely defend yourself. This involves an understanding of falling safely, throwing others, momentum, joint locking, and some limited striking. Students will also develop a grasp of body mechanics on a variety of body types, and how to direct these in a desired fashion. At the same time, students will be encouraged to develop a greater understanding of their own bodies, and also a knowledge of when and where to use the techniques from this course. A variety of exercises will encourage students to develop flexibility of movement and thought. A number of self-defense applications will also be explored in each class. Through the physical practice, students will also develop mental discipline and a presence in their space which can carry over to other studies.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate:
 Rolling and falling safely from a variety of positions
 A greater understanding of his or her own body positioning and mechanics, and an understanding of a partner's body mechanics, and how they can be manipulated
 A greater sensitivity to momentum, relationship to the ground, and supporting weight
 A comprehension of the philosophical roots of the physical practice
 An ability to discuss and apply the core philosophical concepts
 An ability to improvise according to circumstances in a self-defense context by applying the techniques learned throughout the semester

 Equipment: Men are required to wear an athletic cup and supporter. All students must wear loose, comfortable clothing with no metal parts – no rivets, metal belt buckles, zippers, etc.. Additionally, please make sure your clothes fit you and do not fall off. No jewelry. Jujitsu is full-contact, and you should treat it as such.
 Presence/Cleanliness: Students are expected to be present in mind and body. If you are distracted, it is possible to injure yourself and your practice partner. Please be well rested and clean before coming to class. If you or your clothing is considered (solely by the instructor) to be of insufficient cleanliness, you will be asked to rectify this, and it will be counted as a tardy or an absence, depending on how long this takes.
 Out of Class Work: There will be three readings throughout the semester, drawn from relevant texts, with associated response papers and in-class discussions.
 Participation: Students are expected to be engaged with the material at all times during class,  and to ask and answer questions.
 Personal Development: Students will not be judged against each other, but on how well each student strives for his or her own improvement.
Attendance Policy
Each student may be absent twice with no grading repercussions. A limited number of absences may be made up by making arrangements with the instructor. Each absence beyond the initial two will drop the final grade by a number of points (4) equal to the percentage of class time missed, and NO CREDIT will be given for the course if more than 7 classes are missed (even if some are made up).

 Sitting Out: There will be days when you are sick, injured, or otherwise unable to participate. You may still be an involved member of the class by sitting on the side. If you wish to receive attendance credit for a day you sit out, you must take notes and turn them in to the instructor. You may also be asked to make observations during the course of the class.
 Tardiness: Warming up is an important part of being safe in this class. If you are late, please take a moment to warm up your own body, get the attention of the instructor, and wait to be asked to join the group. Three tardies count as an absence.
 Making up absences: There may be opportunities to make up missed classes, but they will not necessarily be frequent and cannot be relied upon. This is a participatory movement class which requires regular attendance and practice.

Reading/Writing Assignments and Late Work
The readings and response papers will be announced a week before the discussion. Response papers will be due 24 hours before a given discussion. They will be downgraded one grade per hour they are late. There are no make-ups for readings or responses.

Participation: 30%
Progress: 30%
Awareness: 30%
Response Papers: 10%

**Safety Notice**
Jujitsu has techniques which, if practiced improperly, can be dangerous to both the practitioner and their partner. I would ask that you not practice outside of class and designated practice times. Additionally, within class, if you ever feel a situation may be unsafe, or that someone may be about to be injured, it is acceptable for anybody in the class to call the situation to a halt. Everybody's safety is everybody's responsibility.

*Additional Optional Involvement
Uniforms and ranks are not required for participation in the class, but students may choose to become involved in the system in this way. If you are so interested, please approach the instructor and we will discuss what this entails.
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