how to enroll on google+

Google+ Getting Started

Google+ or G+ is Google’s version of Facebook, there are some differences but the idea is the same.

All Marlboro students have access to G+ but may not have enabled it.  This document will walk you through enabling your account and posting.

  1. Visit

  2. Login with your marlboro username and password.  (You may need to change your marlboro password at before Google will allow you access.)

  3. If it says +You click it and skip to direction 6.

  4. Click Search in the top left corner of screen.

  5. Click the +You in the top left corner of the screen.

  6. Add your name (use the name your faculty knows you by), Gender (other is available) and Birthday (you can hide this information later)

  7. Place a checkmark in the first box, second box is optional.

  8. Click the Upgrade button on the bottom right of the screen.

  9. You can add people or press the Continue button to skip on the 2nd screen and again to skip the suggested celebrities, photographer etc.  Google might suggest that you will be lonely, click Continue anyway.

  10. On step 3 “Be Awesome” you can add or take a quick photo as well as additional details about you.  

  11. Click the Finish button.

  12. Voila - you now have a working G+ account.  To make changes to your profile, including hiding your birthday click your profile image and then Edit your profile.

Posting on G+

  1. visit

  2. In the Share what’s new… box, add text and click the button appropriate for the material you wish to share

  3. Select the people or communities you wish to share with in the To: field.  Please note that public posts will be completely public.  

  4. You can add hashtags to categorize your post #college #marlboro etc. by simply typing # and the text you want to use, make sure to click the text that appears from the drop down.

  5. Press Share

Visiting your Community

  1. Click Home > at the top of the G+ page.

  2. Click the Communities link.

  3. Any Communities that you are part of will be listed at the top.

  4. Inside Communities you have the same posting options. When you post inside a community it is available ONLY to that community and does not show up outside the community or in your feed.

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