2.1 -- Physical Metaphor -- Due 9/27

First some examples to give you more ideas about what physical metaphor means:

Pina Bausch’s work is rich with physical metaphor.

Look at the duet/trio that runs from 10:30-16:50 in Pina Bausch’s Café Mueller:  

Also, see this excerpt from Kontacthof

Think about the meanings found in these two versions of women springing up onto chairs and how they comment on each other: 

And feel free to watch any other Bausch work that you can find online!


Choreographer Leslie Seiters also works a lot with physical metaphor.  Check out in particular the plate duet section which begins at 3:48 in this excerpt of an attic an exit


In class, I mentioned the work Intimacy by Robin Prichard.  You can view excerpts of a version of the piece danced by her students here: 

The section that begins at 3:25 shows repetition and degeneration of a partnering phrase.  The following section also contains a nice physical metaphor in the form of the sustained hugging duet. 


Hopefully these examples give you some sense of the kind of tasks/limitations/situations that lead to physical metaphor.  Feel free to come talk with me early next week or email questions if you are struggling to understand the concept that I’m asking you to explore here. 

Once you have taken time to understand the range of possibility in physical metaphor through viewing the above videos, brainstorm a list of physical metaphors that you can explore in the studio. 

Experiment with various tasks/limitations/scenarios until you find a physical metaphor that feels rich with possibility.

 Make a short dance (at least one minute long) that explores this metaphor thoroughly.

 As with all the assignment, you are welcome to use costumes, props, music, words, additional dancers, specific locations, etc.  (Remember that you need to use a dancer other than yourself at least once in the first six weeks of assignments.)


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