Week 3 take home - Shape I



2 – d composition based on architecture:

small scale practice in the classroom moving outside to exterior architecture.


Choosing an exterior view of a building that lends itself to becoming a visually interesting and strong arrangment in your picture plane.  Use your thumb and first finger of each hand to create a viewing frame to select and interesting composition. 

Concentrate on the shapes and planes as well as the light and dark relationships, the figure and ground.  Be careful in your observation of the building, but don’t get overly concerned with small details of the building. 









  • in your sketchbook create 6 thumbnails: concentrate on cropping the building/space; continue to deconstruct the shapes within the architecture
  • be mindful of dominant and subordinate shapes; complete a few sketches, try different solutions, relating them to the space before completing the final definitons of the shapes
  • Plan your final composition – scaled to size for a half sheet of drawing paper
  • Using black, grey and white paper – cut out the shapes using your line drawing as a stencil, and recreate the original image glueing your final product onto presentation  board cut to scale.


PRODUCTION VALUES – careful attention to detail count

DO NOT skip over your thumbnails –they are part of your sketchbook to be evaluated


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