UNIT 1: elements of design



Friday. Sept. 6 -  quality and quantity - Line Character  ie. speed, density, touch

Wed. Sept.11. - Mark Making – repeated, modulating, constellations

Friday Sept. 13. - Building form with modulated lines



Wed. Sept.18 – Creation of shapes, forms, building a page with shapes.

Friday Sept. 20 - Architectural space and shapes

Wed. Sept. 25 - Figure/ground relationships and pattern

Friday Sept. 27. Response to Nature with shapes



Wed. Oct. 2 - Observed textures

Friday Oct. 4 Invented textures


Illusion of space / Tonal Value

Wed. Oct.  9 - Value by steps, a system of simplifying and using a grey scale

Friday Oct.  11 - Continuous Value or Chiaroscuro, the smooth transition from black to white



Wed. Oct. 16 - viewfinder exercise, non-representational analysis

Digital project introduction

Friday Oct. 18 - Project to include and orchestrate the issues introduced above


Week 7.

Wed. Oct. 23  – meet in the media lab – have your map

Friday Oct. 25  - PRINTSHOP with Professor Cathy Osman


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