1.1 -- Two phrases -- Due 9/13

Make two phrases that you like that have distinctly different movement from one another.  Each phrase should consist of a series of clear movements that transition one into the next. 


To inspire your movement invention you may use images, tasks, costumes, music, prompts from a friend, etc.  You may harvest from any of the exploration we did in class.


The movement in your phrases should be yours.  Yes, the influences of past technique teachers will shine through, but try not to piece together pre-existing “moves” (like the steps of ballet).


Find a physical logic to the progression of your phrases, rather than driving them narratively.  And remember…don’t put the coconut eggplant curry in the Mexican casserole.  Choose your spices wisely to make a tasty and coherent phrase. 


Once you have two phrases that you like, meet with your partner and teach him/her at least one of them.  Take time to make sure they understand the details and can dance the phrase(s) clearly (without you and without looking in the mirror).   Stand back and look at your phrase(s) on this new body.

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