description, objectives and evaluation

STUDIO ART I           ART 2                         Fall 2013                   

4 credits  -  Wednesday and Friday 10:30 – 12:50


Faculty — Martina Lantin

Office:  basement of Apple Tree

Phone: 258-9299




This studio course will provide a solid foundation in compositional principles and design vocabulary as they apply to two-dimensional problems.  The course will focus on the development of technical applications, execution skills, perceptual understanding, conceptual ideation, plus visual and verbal communication and presentation skills.  Studio activities will be developmental and sequential in nature to foster creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Using a combination of representational and abstract responses, students will develop an understanding of ; line, shape, texture, tonal value, space, scale, color, and composition Students will also examine and incorporate design principles such as repetition, variety, and movement in their works. As we examine these various abstract ideas we will do weekly projects where we will learn to use a variety of different materials. You do not need to have any previous art experience, though assignments will be challenging enough for more advanced students.


This class will be a laboratory for making, experiencing, and discussing visual working and visual thinking.



  • · A demonstrated confidence and skill in the use of traditional 2D design media
  • · A demonstrated ability to use a variety of mark-making techniques to create the illusion of 3D forms on a 2D surface
  • · The ability to use and differentiate between the elements of 2D design: 

line, shape, value, and texture

  • · An articulate, basic vocabulary to enable you to confidently interpret and critique both your work, and the work of your classmates and the ability to modify your designs based on evaluation and critique
  • · An understanding and confidence in creating dynamic two-dimensional compositions
  • · A basic understanding of color
  • · An understanding of how your unique personal aesthetic is embedded in all that you create

Since time is of the essence, I encourage you not to focus so much about the “success or failure” of your assignments, but about the evolution and development of your observational abilities, thoughts and skill sets in completing the projects.


Evaluation will be based on class participation, attendance, and individual development represented in a portfolio of solutions to assigned problems. While slick products are not the purpose of this course, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and presentation are important along with the development of visual understanding and ideas.

Consistent participation and on time completion of homework problems are essential to the success of both individual and group learning.

Attendance and completion dates of problems will be recorded and will affect final grade. Please notify the instructor of unavoidable absences from class. Anyone with more than three unexcused absences will result in a drop by a letter grade. Two late appearances equal an absence.


All projects will be weighted equally towards the final grade. 


50%    weekly projects

20%    sketchbook work

10%    class participation

10%    image contributions

10%    digital project


This class will honor all necessary accommodations for students with documented learning differences.  If you have a learning difference or believe you may have a learning difference that requires specific accommodation, please contact Cathrine O’Callaghan.  Catherine will let me know what accommodations would be appropriate.

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