Week 1 handout

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due Wednesday the 11th of September



  • · We will do some exercises with regard to division of the page, line weight and composition.


Divide sheet into 8 rectangles

Using a ruler and pencil, divide the first rectangle with one line – increase exponentially to the last: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 – STRAIGHT LINES ONLY

-keep your eyes open to the way the space can be divided and organized

lines can connect, define, enclose or dissect





Transform the page


To continue experimenting with how line can develop space on a two-dimensional surface.



  • Thumbnail Sketches in your sketchbook: at least 4 -  3 x 4  fields with neatly drawn borders

    (in your sketchbook)  

  • The completed piece will be on white drawing paper (collect from classroom)
  • · Soft pencil, pens --  fine pointed sharpies, fat tip sharpies, your micron: NO BALLPOINT PENS


Following the same instructions from the in class process –

From your smaller compositions – on larger sheets (min.8x10)

complete 2 designs.


invent, expand, refine, reject, repeat, edit, condense, reorganize and make two new pictures – line weight can vary – but lines should remain straight. 

Chose one of the following multiples:  13, 23, 37, 53, 97


DO NOT skip over your thumbnails –they are part of your sketchbook to be evaluated

Some questions to be asking yourself…

  • · Do I have a dynamic composition? If you have ANY doubt you probably don’t!  Remember if it’s not interesting to you, it will not be interesting for others to look at!
  • · Is their a visual flow (remember your eyes are your best tool here, does your eye move throughout the composition? This is directional dominance, the first goal of the assignment)
  • · Is there a sense of undulating and contracting space on the picture plain—do the marks seem to be moving?
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