Unit 4: Culture, Arts, and Other Topics

These five class days are flexible and open to a class vote. Students in the past have chosen topics ranging from music to paleography to popular religion. I am willing to do almost anything, though I do have my personal favorites.

Week 12:

Monday 11/14: Pre-Christian Celts - Society and Religion

Reading: (Choose one of the following options):

A) Cunliffe, The Celts, pp. 1-18 and 56-91

B) Cunliffe, The Celts, pp. 1-18 and 111-147

C) Green, The Celtic World, pp. 1-7 and any three other chapters (see particularly 23-26)

Both Cunliffe, The Celts, and Green, The Celtic World, are on RESERVE


Thursday 11/17: Folklore and Superstitions


Everyone read Archeology and Folklore - introduction (Available as a PDF on the main courses page).

Then choose either these excerpts from Gregory the Gre
gory or read one of the four branches of the Mabinogion.

Week 13:

Monday 11/21: Mysticism

Reading: (Again, one of three)

First everyone read the Dictionary of the Middle Ages Entry (it's short).

A) Pseudo Dionysius - On the Divine Names chap. 1 and 2, pp. 12-25; and Mystical Theology, pp. 84-91; also, at least look at Heavenly Hierarchy, and Ecclesiastical Hierarchy. Get a sense of their organization.

B) The Zohar, The Letters, Beresheet A - sections 1-5, and Safra Det'zniuta - all.

C) Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, chap. 1-15, pp. 2-35 and Margery Kempe, Book of Margery Kempe, Excerpts at Luminarium; But also check out the full text at the TEAMS website - it's in middle English.

Thursday 11/24: Thanksgiving!

Week 14:

Monday 11/28: Medieval Music - a very rapid survey

Reading: Everybody should do all the Listening. For Reading, Pick:

A) From the Oxford Music Online website – Entries for:

Liturgy and Liturgical Books" (stop at Reformation section)

Plainchant" Only sections 1, 2, 5, and 6 (7 and 8 optional).

B) James Mckinnon, Medieval Music, Excerpts. [On Courses Server]

C) Also from the Oxford Music online -

Entries for "Middle Ages - Secular Music," "Troubadours," "Trouveres," and "Minnesingers."

LISTENING: From Naxos Music Library

Listen to the "Chant and Liturgy" and the "Secular Song and Dance" Playlists under playlists for Medieval Studies

(In the "Chant and Liturgy” playlist):

Several examples of anonymous plainchant

plainchant: Viderunt Omnes

Leonin: Viderunt Omnes – two part organum

Perotin: Viderunt Omnes – four part organum

Plainchant: Pange Lingua

Song: Pange Lingua

Josquin, Motet: Pange Lingua

Several excerpts from works by Hildegard of Bingen

Machaut, Messe de Nostre Dame

(In the "Secular Song and Dance" Playlist):


Thursday 12/1: Court Drama and Nobles Behaving Badly


Pick One Ruler (they're all related!): - Readings Coming...
Eleanor of Aquitaine:
There is far too much written about Eleanor to pick a good excerpt. There are two biographies on RESERVE. Feel free to read a portion of either one along with this review of the more fantastic legends about her life.
And of course, she has a Facebook page...

Berenguela of Castille:
Salvador Martinez, Alfonso X, The Learned: A Biography, chap. 1. The chapter really is mostly about Berenguela.
EBRARY - must be looked up.

Edward II of England:
Hamilton, Plantagenets: History of a Dynasty, chap. 3. (And perhaps enough of chap. 4 to find out about Isabella and Mortimer).
EBRARY - must be looked up.

Finally, THIS actually has all three of these people on it if you look hard enough (though Berenguela is given a different spelling - Berengaria).

Week 15:

Monday 12/5: Final words on Medievalism

Final Day of Class - Note! All essays that require final comments before the Thursday Portfolio Submission Deadline are due Today by class-time!

All remaining fourth papers for those not submitting a portfolio are due by Saturday at Midnight.

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