Unit 3: Economy and Daily Life

Week 8:

Monday 10/21: Hendricks Days

Thursday 10/24: Mare Nostrum - The Decay of the Roman Economy


Rosenwein, Short History: 45-54; 75-85.

Procopius: The Roman Silk Industry, c. 550, from On the Wars

*Procopius: The Plague, 542, History of the Wars, II.xxii-xxxiii:

The Farmer's Law, 7-8th Century

Gregory I the Great (r.590-604):: Succession to Tenant Holdings on
Church Land, c. 600

Sale & Transfer of an Estate, 704

Lecture: Peter Brown, Lecture on the Silk Road [youtube]

Week 9:

Monday 10/28: Early Medieval Trade and Travel


Rosenwein, Short History: 125-126.

Capitulary of Frankfort: The Price of Staples, 794

Roger of Wendover: Treaty Between Charlemagne & Offa, 790

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Rent-payments in Kind and Coin, 852

King Harald Harfager of Norway (r. 860-930): Laws for Land Property

Accounts of the Routes of the Jewish Merchants to the East, 847

King Louis the Child of Germany: An Inquiry into the Tolls of Raffelstettin, c. 905

Ibn Fadlan. Risala 921 CE

The Annals of Xanten, 845-853

*Three Sources on the Ravages of the Northmen in Frankland, c. 843 - 912

*Material: Images of remains of the Oseberg Viking Ship, a model of an Arab shipping vessel, A Roman ship found at Nemi, and several drawings of a Carrack (heavy Italian trading ship) and of the Nina (a Caravel) and Santa Maria (a Carrack, also) of Christopher Columbus. [All at Artstor]

Thursday 10/31: “Feudalism" (again) - Life in the 10th Century


Rosenwein, Short History: 157-161; 237-244.

*Codex Justinianus: Coloni Bound to the Soil, c. 530 [Xl.51.i]

*Codex Justinianus: Children of Mixed Marriages, c. 530 [Xl.48.xxiv.]

*Lullo, Archbishop of Mainz: On Traffic in Ecclesiastical Serfs, c. 755

Dagobert, King of the Franks: Grant of a Fair at St. Denis, 629

Otto I, Emperor: Grant of a Market at Bremen, 965

*Capitulary: De Villis 9th century

The Heimskringla: Northern Fairs, c. 998-1026

Frederick I Barbarossa: Grant of Two Fairs at Aachen, 1166

Material: The Agricultural Calendar; Look especially at Ploughing and Sowing

Week 10:

Monday 11/4: Europe's Economic Revival


Italian City States:

Robert Lopez, ed. Economy, society, and government in medieval Italy; essays in memory of Robert L. Reynolds.  330.945 H54

Iris Origo, The merchant of Prato, Francesco di Marco Datini, 1335-1410, 350.709 D23xOr

North Sea Trade (Flanders and the Hanseatic League):

David Nicholas, "Of Poverty and Primacy: Demand Liquidity and the Flemish Economic Miracle," JSTOR

Van Bavel, Land Labour and Capital in Italy and the Low Countries, Project MUSE

Banking and Contracts:

Medieval Economic Thought (An Ebsco Book)

Jews and Muslims:

David Abulafia, The Mediterranean in History, 909.09822 M49

S.D. Goitein, A Mediterranean Society (Multiple Volumes), 915.6 G61

Generally Useful:

Money Markets and Trade in Late Medieval Europe (An Ebsco Book)

Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World, 380.9 L86

Robert Lopez, The commercial revolution of the Middle Ages, 950-1350.  330.902 L86

Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages

A History of Business in Medieval Europe (An Ebsco Book)

Optional Primary Sources:

Rosenwein, Short History: 177-187.

Privileges Granted to German Merchants at Novgorod, 1229

The Great Fair at Thessalonica, (mid 12th Cent)

Humbert de Romans: On Markets & Fairs, c. 1270

Port of Arles: The Navigation Code, 1150

James I of Aragon: The Barcelona Navigation Act, 1227

James I of Aragon: Grant of Trade Privileges to Barcelona, 1232

Grants of Privileges at London to the Hanse of Cologne, 1157-1194

*Siegfried, Archbishop of Bremen: Remittance of the "Hanse", 1181

Waldemar the Victorious: Grant of Privileges to Men of Lubeck, 1203

Grant of a House at Riga to the Men of Lubeck, 1231

Lubeck and Hamburg Treaty, 1241

*Coinage Agreement Between Hamburg & Lubeck, 1255

Leges Henrici Primi: Law of Partnerships, c. 1109-1118

Partnership Agreements: For Foreign Trade, 1248

*Material: Coin hoard and Lead Container, 13th C. Colchester, England

Thursday 11/7: The Late Medieval Crisis

Presentation of my Dissertation work - in class - bring questions


Look at my dissertation or the article on crop yields - both on the main page.

Rosenwein, Short History: 297-308; 319-324.

Josephus Flavius: The War of the Jews (Book VI, Chapter 3, Only)

Johannes of Trowkelowe: Annales: On the Famine of 1315

Giovanni Boccaccio: Decameron - Introduction, on Black Death

The Black Death and the Jews 1348-1349

Pistoia, "Ordinance for Sanitation in a Time of Mortality "

*Marchione di Coppo Stefani: The Florentine Chronicle

Week 11:

Monday 11/11: Globalization and the New World

Some discussion of Chaucer Hath a Blog, then questions for the section


Rosenwein, Short History: 342-349.

*Sir John Mandeville: On Prester John, c. 1366

Vasco da Gama (1460-1524): Round Africa to India, 1497-1498 CE

Christopher Columbus: Selections from Journal, 1492.

*“Additiouns to the Boke of Sir John Mandeville" at Chaucer Hath a Blog

Friday 11/15 - Midnight: Third Paper Due

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