Unit 1: Political Power
Week 1:

Tuesday 9/3: Intro Class: Explanatory Frameworks and History

Thursday 9/5: Roman Emperors, Barbarian Kings, and the End of the Empire


Rosenwein, Short History: 19-24; 40-60.

Why Study History Through Primary Sources

Salvian: Romans and Barbarians, c. 440

*S. Apollinaris: "Country House Life in Gaul" and "A Visigothic King"

Priscus: On the Palace of Attila the Hun

*Jordanes (fl.c.550 CE): History of the Goths Chap. 20:

The Devastation of the Goths in the Reign of Gallienus

Extra Lectures:

Paul Freedman, Early Middle Ages, at Yale University

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 6

Week 2:

Monday 9/9: Byzantium and the Islamic Empire


Rosenwein, Short History: 61-75; 101-117.

Accounts of the Arab Conquest of Egypt, 642 CEI

*Ibn Abd-el-Hakem: The Islamic Conquest of Spain

Arabs, Franks, and the Battle of Poitiers (Tours): Three Accounts, 732 CE

Al Maggari: Tarik's Address to His Soldiers, 711 CE, in The Breath of Perfumes.

Anonymous Arab Chronicler: The Battle of Poitiers (Tours), 732 CE

Liutprand of Cremona (c.922-c.972): Report on Mission to Constantinople, 963, excerpts

An Arab Ambassador in Constantinople, (late 10th Century).

Constantine VII Porphyrgenitus: De Administrando Imperio: Relations with Northern Peoples in the 10th Century

*Medievalism: Umberto Eco, “Dreaming of the Middle Ages," in Travels in Hyperreality, 61-71 (and 73-88 optional). [Reserve]

Extra Lectures:

Freedman, Early Middle Ages, Yale University

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 14

Lecture 15

Lecture 16

Lecture 17

Lecture 18


Thursday 9/12: Northern Successors of Rome


Rosenwein, Short History: 75-100; 118-125.

Annals of Lorsch: the Pope makes Pepin king

Einhard: Life of Charlemagne

Recording: Beowulf, Translated and Read by Seamus Heaney [Reserve]

Material: Ottonian Coronation Crown [viewed in Artstor Class Folder]

Extra Lectures:

Freedman, Early Middle Ages, Yale University

Lecture 10

Lecture 11

Lecture 12

Lecture 19

Lecture 20


Week 3:

Monday 9/16: The 10th Century - Breakdown of Public Authority


Rosenwein, Short History: 139-157; 161-176.

Steven Lane: Review of Susan Reynolds, Fief and Vassals

*Elizabeth Brown, “The Tyranny of a Construct: Feudalism and Historians of Medieval Europe," in The American Historical Review Vol. 79, No. 4 (Oct., 1974), pp. 1063-1088.

Fulbert of Chartres: Letter on mutual obligations, 1020.

*Agreement between Count William V of Aquitaine and Hugh IV of Lusignan.

Canute the Great: Granting of Fiefs, 1028

Extra Lectures:

Freedman, Early Middle Ages, Yale University

Lecture 21

Lecture 22


Thursday 9/19: Investiture - the Crisis of Church and State


Rosenwein, Short History: 187-193.

*A Book Review of Mary Stroll, Symbols as Power: the Papacy Following the Investiture Controversy (Brill, 1991).

Gelasius: On the Two Powers

Annals of Lorsch: the Pope makes Pepin king

Gregory VII: Lay Investitures Forbidden, 1074

Henry IV: Letter to Gregory VII, Jan 24 1076

Gregory VII: Deposition of Henry IV, , Feb 22 1076.

Paschal II: Privilege of Feb 12, 1111.

Paschal II: Privilege of April 12, 1111

Concordat of Worms, 1122

Lateran III: Decree on Papal Elections.

*Frederick II: Statute in Favor of Princes 1231 [r. 1214-1250]

*Boniface VIII (r.1294-1303): Unam Sanctam

Boniface VIII (r.1294-1303): Clericis Laicos

Leo IV: (847-855): Forgiveness of Sins for Those Who Dies in Battle

John VIII: Indulgence for Fighting the Heathen, 878

Fulk of Chartres: The Capture of Jerusalem, 1099


Week 4:

Monday 9/23: New Forms of Public Authority


Rosenwein, Short History: 196-203; 219-236.

Declaration of the Powers of the Count of Toul over the City of Toul, 1069

Guibert of Nogent (1053-1124): Communal Revolt in Laon, 1115

William Clito, Count of Flanders: Charter for Town of St. Omer, 1127

Charter of Lorris

*Ipswich: Account of the Setting up of Self-Government, 1200

*Philip Augustus: Suppression of Etampes Commune, 1199-1200

Bartolus of Sassoferrato: On the Tyrant, c.1330

The Chronicles of Venice: How the Doges were Chosen

The Arte della Lana & The Government of Florence, 1224

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527): Founding a Republic, Excerpt from Discourses I,

Medievalism: Borges, Inferno I.32 and Paradiso XXXI.108 from Dreamtigers.

Material: City Plans of Various Medieval Towns; [Courses]


Thursday 9/26: Centralized States - England, France, and the 100 years war


Rosenwein, Short History: 275-281; 308-321; 324-327.

Henry II: The Constitutions of Clarendon, 1164

Henry II: The Assize of Clarendon, 1166

Roger of Wendover: Runneymede 1215

*The Magna Carta, 1215

St. Louis: Advice to His Son

*Abbott Suger: Life of Louis VI (1108-1137)

Jean Froissart: Battles of Crecy 1346, of Poitiers 1356

Anonimalle Chronicle: The English Peasant Revolt, 1381

Treaty of Troyes, 1420 and Conditions in France in 1422

Material: Coronation Crowns of England and France, 13th and 14th C. [Artstor]


Week 5:

Monday 9/30: Renaissance Kings and the End of the Medieval World


Rosenwein, Short History: 342-349.

Philip Commnes, Portrait of Louis XI (c. 1498)

Three Treaties Signed Between Spain and Portugal:

Alcacovas, Sept 4, 1479

Tordesillas, June 7, 1494

Madrid, May 7, 1495

Music: Guillaume Dufay, Supremum est Mortabilis (track 12)and O tres piteulx (track 6)

Poem: Alamgir Hashmi, “In Cordoba"


Friday, Oct. 4th - First Paper Due

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