Concept survey as webpage - due Friday 9/6/13

General Chemistry I                                                                                   Fall 2013


This survey is a tool for helping me understand your chemistry knowledge. This is not a test. Your answers will not be graded. Please respond to the following questions as completely as you can.

This is a water molecule:  H2O. Here’s another representation:

1. What are the lines between the H's and the O? Please explain.


2. How are the H and the O atoms different?




3. Are these the same type of H and O in a carbohydrate like glucose, C6H12O6?




4. Do all water molecules look like the molecule depicted above? Please explain your answer.





5. Here’s a molecular-scale diagram of a collection of water molecules showing the strong connections between atoms (solid lines) and the weak attractions (dashed lines) between water molecules. Does this drawing support your experiences with the behavior of large collections of water molecules?



6. What happens to water when it boils? Draw two molecular-scale pictures to show a pot of cold water before and after it is heated to boiling. So, two pictures: one of the cold pot of water, one of the boiling pot. Include a depiction of what you would see over the surface of the pot in each case.

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