Journal Writing #6 -- Due Monday April 29

Eyes Closed Dancing and the Underscore
Reflect on our two major explorations from the past week -- eyes closed dancing and the Underscore.
What did moving with eyes closed for a prolonged period of time bring out in your dancing? 
What kind of dancing emerged for you in the Underscore practice?
How was the dancing in each of these explorations similar for you (or different)?
How did you feel in your body working eyes closed? dancing the Underscore?
Where did you find satisfaction?  And what kind of satisfaction was it (kinesthetic, aesthetic, emotional, etc.)?  Where did you find discomfort?
Did you find anything in your dancing this week that you wish to explore more deeply? 
If you chose to read about the Underscore, how did the reading resonate with your physical experience?
Length: 2 pages
Due: Monday April 29 at or before the start of class
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