Due Monday April 22 -- Final Paper Outline OR Qs and Os about Roquet reading

Instructions on Outline:

Your final paper outline should include your thesis statement and an organized progression of ideas for the argument or discussion that you will present. 

It is expected that you will do research for your paper before writing your outline.  Having research fresh in your mind will allow you to sort out the specifics of your ideas and figure out where you do and do not have enough information to say something interesting.  Outlining will likely reveal to you places where you need to do more research, so it is also expected that the research process will continue after you write your outline. 

The outline process is meant to be useful to you.  It is an encouragement to dig beneath the surface of your ideas while you still have time to wrestle with the problems you uncover, fill in gaps in your knowledge, acquire new resources, and narrow down or refocus your topic. 

Here are a few websites that give you pointers on outline writing:




For those reading Roquet for Monday:

Make a list of questions and observations to inform class discussion.

Due in writing at or before the start of class Monday

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