Due Friday April 19 -- Reading questions for Introduction and Chapter 8 of "Worlding Dance"

As you navigate this reading, seek out the answers to the following questions.


1. What are the benefits and problems of the term "world dance"?

2. How does Susan Leigh Foster see contemporary relevance of Sachs's idea that dance is an expression of the ecstatic nature of humanity?

3. What problems do Foster and her colleagues see with using classifactory rubrics to compare dance forms?

4. As scholars move away from universalizing language and frameworks for dance scholarship, what ideas and efforts replace the universal?

Chapter 8

5. What seems to be the operative definition of "World Dance" used here?

6. What does Marta Savigliano see as dangerous about World Dance? as positive?  (make lists)

7.  Savigliano argues that Joann Kealiinohomoku's famous article "An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance" does not solve the problem of dance in anthropology.  What problems remain?

8. What challenges arise when World Dance is displayed through performance or teaching?

9.  What does Savigliano mean by "neighboring"?

Due: April 19 at or before the start of class

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