Journal Writing #5 -- Due Monday April 15

Optional Journal Prompts for this week:


How does what you know about the history of contact improvisation inform your practice of dancing?  What does your experience of contact improvisation cause you to wonder about the history of CI?

How did seeing film of the earliest practioners of contact improvisation inform your dancing?  What surprised you in the film?  What did you see that resonated with your own experience of CI?   Did the film inspire you to try anything new in your dancing? 


Contact improvisation is all about relationship – relationship of self to gravity, to the floor, to another dancer or dancers.  What are you learning about these relationships?  Does any of your learning translate to other kinds of (non-dance) relationships that you experience in life?


From one of your wise classmates:  "To what extent is the truth/directness of experience sacrificed to please others, be it a dance partner or audience?  (Or a lover, acquaintance, or friend…)  And during these interactions, how can it (truth/directness of experience) be sustained?” 

Length: 2 pages double spaced

Due: at or before the start of class Monday April 15

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