Final Project (10 pages)

                  One Page Proposal Due: April 10

                  Outline due:  April 22

                  Paper Due:  May 3

                  Revised Paper Due:  May 11

The final project is an opportunity to explore a theme or idea from the course that captures your attention.  One of the primary goals of the assignment is to articulate your learning from the course, so you are encouraged to draw on class materials.  However, you will also need to do some additional research to deepen your understanding of your topic.   While this project must be academically rigorous, you are allowed and encouraged to take a creative approach. 

Step 1: Begin to think about themes and ideas that interest you.  What has captured your attention in the course thus far? What would you like to think more about?  You may dig into any of the dance forms we have studied thus far OR take theories/ideas from our studies in the first half of the semester and apply them to dance forms we've not covered yet (or that we will not cover at all this semester).  BRAINSTORM possible projects you could undertake and write up a proposal of 2-3 possible topics.  Write one paragraph for each topic to flesh out your ideas.

Due: Wednesday April 10

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