Early Modern Political Thought

Mon &Thur
Lib 102

course calendar:

Date In-Class Focus Required Readings

Thurs. 1/22 (3:00)

Introductory Class Why this class? Why now?
Mon. 1/26

The Writer & His Perspective

Begin The Prince
Thurs. 1/29 The Prince & His People Finish The Prince
Mon. 2/2 Republican Virtues Discourses on Livy (DonL), through p. 70

Thurs. 2/5

Political knowledge DonL, finish Book I
Mon. 2/9

The People's Usefulness

DonL, Book II
Thurs. 2/12 What women do to the state DonL, Book III, through 273
Mon. 2/16 Machiavelli's project Finish Book III of DonL
Thurs. 2/19 General Discussion 5 Page Essay Due
Mon. 2/23 Hobbes's Life & Times Hobbes: Introductory Materials in Curley edition (up through p. 5)
Thurs. 2/26
What is man?
Hobbes: Part I, through XIII
Mon. 3/2
Nature's laws
Hobbes: through xxi
Thurs. 3/5 The power of the king
Hobbes: Finish Part II
Mon. 3/9 The power of the church
Hobbes: through III, xxxviii
Thurs. 3/12 Glimmers of Liberalism
Hobbes: Finish III
3/16-3/27 Spring Break!!!
Mon. 3/30

Locke's Life & Times

Locke: Introductory Materials in Laslett edition
Thurs. 4/2 Adam's powers First Treatise of Government
Mon. 4/6 Contracts Second Treatise, through Chap. 8
Thurs. 4/9 General Discussion 5 Page Essay Due
Mon. 4/13


Finish Second Treatise
Thurs. 4/16 Toleration
Locke: Letter on Toleration
Mon. 4/20
Spinoza's Life & Times
Spinoza: Preface - 3
Thurs 4/23 On Prophecy Spinoza: Chap. 4-8
Mon. 4/27 On the Interpretation of Scripture Spinoza: Chap. 9-12
Thurs. 4/30 The function of the apostle Spinoza: Chap. 13-17
Mon. 5/4 The Free commonwealth Finish Spinoza

Mon 5/12 Final Essay Due

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