Journal Writing #4 -- Due Monday March 11

Those who attend the Earthdance fieldtrip may wish to journal about their experience dancing in this new environment.   If you choose to write about Earthdance, you may turn your journal in on Tuesday or Wednesday, since we will be returning late in the evening on Sunday.

Prompts for those who do not go to the Earthdance College Jam:


What skills are you learning in practicing CI?  What skills do you want to learn to further your dancing?   What skills did you bring with you that assist in your practice of CI?

Working with your State

The practice of contact improvisation offers you the opportunity to take stock of where you’re at energetically and how you feel in your body on a given day.  Mental chatter, physical energy, sensations, emotions, desires, impulses – all of these vary day to day.  How able are you at this point in your developing practice to take note of your internal state?  to explore it? to accept it?  to work with (rather than against) it? to draw on it to inspire your dancing?

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