Journal Entry #3 -- Due Monday February 25

Use any of the prompts below to spark your writing for journal entry #3:*

Body Image

Imagine a cartoon of your body and take a look at the way you depict yourself.  How does your image of your body help or hinder you in dancing CI?  How does your image of your body change based on what you are doing in your dancing?  How do other daily variations in your sense of your physical self affect your dancing?   If you find that your body image is not serving you, how could you use the practice of contact improvisation to try on other possible images of yourself?


What skills are you learning in practicing CI?  What skills do you want to learn to further your dancing?  Observer your learning and take note of how you have gained a new skill.  What skills did you bring with you that assist in your practice of CI?


How is (or isn’t) the concept of gender relevant in your experience of contact improvisation?  Do you think about your own gender or the gender of other dancers while engaged in the dance?  Do you experience gender differently when dancing CI than in the regular course of your day?

* (or write about whatever else is coming up for you in class)
Length: 2 pages typed double spaced (or the equivalent hand written)
Medium: artistic media of all sorts are welcomed in journal entries, but please do include some words
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