Research Paper Guidelines

Art on the Walls: Research Paper Guidelines:


Research Paper on a building in either Istanbul or Bursa and its tile program.

This is a straightforward project, find out all you can about your chosen building, write it up and describe and analyze the tile program. You should complete much of the research before we go so that you can do a careful on-site analysis of the building and the state of its tiles while we are in Turkey. This project will be due three weeks after our return.



Step one. Choose a building – your choice of building will be due Feb. 19th. On this day you should submit a paragraph identifying the building and giving a brief history of it and something about why you have chosen it.


Step two. Research the building – this should be done before we leave, thus should be completed by March 15. You will need to find out the building’s history, make up, plan, patron, design and restoration history so that you have a good sense before we leave of what shape it is in. You'll also want to find out what other buildings it is related to, make sure you know where these are (so you can visit them too).


Step three. Onsite analysis – while in Bursa or Istanbul you should plan to spend some period of time in your building (probably a good idea not to choose one of the larger mosques as movement through them is restricted). Make sketches, take notes, take photographs and otherwise examine and analyze the building, both inside and out. When you are doing research you will like come up with questions that you can’t answer without being there, make sure you write these down in your notebook, you can address them while you are there. As noted above it is likely that your building should be assessed in comparison to others, you’ll want to make a special effort to see those as well.


Step four. Write up – when you get back you’ll writing up the history and visual analysis of the building and submit it along with your images, plans and drawings. Due April 19

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