Due Monday February 11 -- Reading Questions for beginning of Castaldi book

Castaldi Introduction

1. How does the author situate herself with regard to her subject matter?

2. How does Castaldi define "choreography" for the purposes of this book?

3. Briefly, what are the three paradigms of African history defined by V.Y. Mudimbe (and what are the key ideas in each)?

4. What creative approaches does Castaldi take in the course of her scholarly writing (in this chapter)?

5. What distinction does Castaldi draw between "race" and "ethnicity"?

Castaldi Chapter 1

6.  How do the implications in the publicity quoted on page 20 intersect with the concepts we've discussed in this course so far?

7.  What do you learn about Senghor's cultural values through his definition of rhythm on page 23?

8.  What does Castaldi find problematic about the way the word "tribal" is used in relation to African peoples?

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