Due Friday February 8 -- Reading Questions for Desmond article

Please answer the following questions with regard to Jane Desmond's article "Embodying Difference":

1. What virtues does Desmond see in opening cultural studies to include dance?

2. What reasons does Desmond cite for "the academy's" rejection of the body as a subject of study?

3. What kinds of things does movement (and dance movement in particular) signal about the mover (according to Desmond)?

4. What questions does Desmond suggest we ask when look at dance? (p. 36-37)

5. In brief, what does Desmond have to say about transmission/transformation of dance forms?

6. How does race factor into Desmond's arguments?

7. (For you) does Desmond's article simplfy or complicate the task before us in this course?  How so?

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