Tile Program Project


For the studio component of this course you will be working on the conception, design and execution of a tile installation.  Drawing inspiration from some of the examples shown in class and those you seek out in your own research, you are expected to integrate these designs with a particular site on campus.  As our semester progresses, you may gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between space and decoration and this should play a role in your process.

You may choose to work individually or in teams of 2. 


DUE FEBRUARY 5th:  initial proposal

Proposal should include consideration of the site; it’s purpose within the community and the relevance of your design.   Measurements of the space are required – it will make you aware of the possible number of tiles needed.  

You may choose a space that will be feasibly completed, or propose a project as a designer would  – developing multiple smaller patterns and creating sample sections of each.  Your tiles should fill a minimum space of 32 sq. ft.


DUE FEBRUARY 19th:  final designs

By now your program should be developed to the point where some tiles and color ways have been tried.  You should also at this point be creating tiles of the dimension required for your project.

Submit a final proposal.  This should include your timeline for production, the total number of tiles you will require to complete your program and designs on paper along with fired examples of colors you intend to use. 

MARCH 8th:  check in before Turkey 

APRIL 24th:  tiles completed – mounting and installation to come

MAY 11th:  Installation completed

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