Art 349- 6 BOWLS due Wednesday Sept. 14 Throw bowls off the hump – keep the best 6. These bowls should be large – and don’t worry - make them chunky – you will be carving into them. As you are centering the piece of clay to make the bowl – consider using a piece the size of both fists put together. Let them become leather hard. ***Remember – rims may dry faster than the bottoms of your pots. You may need to turn them upside down once the rims have firmed up to allow them to dry more evenly.*** Set aside the two heaviest and most centered to trim in class on Friday the 11th. Make sure to wrap and keep them leather hard The other four (due Wednesday the 14th): Decorate and form a foot by carving the clay surface – including the underside of the bowl. This is also best when the clay is leather hard. N.B.: carving means creating dimensional relief on the surface. Use tools that remove clay – such as knives or trimming tools – a drawn line with a needle tool does not constitute carving Use one each of the following decorating strategies per bowl – with the intention to alter the appearance of the form: Design a surface: that DEFINES the form that EXAGGERATES the form that CONDTRADICTS the form that CAMOUFLAGES the form in your sketchbooks: 20 drawings -of the surface strategies listed above applied to bowl profiles.
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