This class is designed to familiarize you with all the possibilities of the material and provide a rudimentary understanding of the technicalities of the personality of clay.  Assignments will address historical precedent, personal expression and technical development.  Working in clay is more that the making of objects.  Students will participate in kiln loading, maintenance and firings. 

This class will also address artistic practice.  Research, reading, drawing and trial and error are all parts of the creative process.  Your active engagement in these activities is strongly encouraged and will be reflected in your grade.  Instruction will include the critical examination of art works from historical periods and cultures.

As a four-credit class, you are expected to spend significant time outside of class in the studio.  Making things by hand requires time, patience and attention to detail.  The act of creation engages your mind, as does your other course work.  Come to the studio ready to participate, alert to your material and eager to experiment. Participation in discussions and critiques is crucial to developing the vocabulary and techniques of visual critical thinking.  The ceramics studio, is by its nature, a communal environment.  Students are expected to assist in studio maintenance.  Participation in communal studio aspects suck as cleaning, kiln loading and firing will be reflected in your grade.


Attendance is mandatory.  Working in ceramics is often a collaborative experience.  Arrive on time to insure you don’t miss any demonstrations or discussions.  Three unexcused absences will result in a reduced grade.  If you anticipate missing class, or have missed a class for any reason, please contact me through the avenues listed above.  It is your responsibility to make sure you stay informed about the class if you are absent. 


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