Attendance Policy


You must be present consistently to succeed in this class. Please arrive on time and be prepared to dance at the start of class.  Please bring the full attention of your body/mind to all activities and discussions.  You are allowed up to two absences for illness, injury, family emergencies, religious observance, etc.  Each absence beyond the initial two will drop the final grade by a number of points (4) equal to the percentage of class time missed, and NO CREDIT will be given for the course if more than 7 classes are missed. A limited number of absences may be made up by making arrangements with the instructor.


Sitting Out:

If you are injured or ill and need to sit out, you must participate by making observations in your journal and contributing to discussions in order to get credit for attending class.



Please arrive on time to class.  Three late arrivals will be considered equivalent to one absence.

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