Various Policies (please read this, you are responsible for knowing these policies)

Attendance and informed participation are important requirements of this class. Because of the way in which we will move back and forth between the classroom and the studio it is essential that you finish the reading assignments on the day that they are due. You should also keep a note book or file of the key historical events, individuals and issues as we discuss and study them. This will be an important resource for you to use while we are in Turkey.

Grading in the course will be based upon attendance and participation (discussion based upon the readings, readiness to load kilns and maintain the studio) 20%, two written assignments for a total of 40% and studio work 40%.

Students must hand in all assignments in order to pass the class. Late papers will be marked down one letter grade for every day they are late. In order for an assignment to qualify as submitted it must be given to one of us in paper form.

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