Web Sites

There are many useful web sites you can use for this class. It is important to think about what site would best have the information you are looking for instead and doing a "blind" Google search.

For example, if you need information on a specific law passed by Congress, use the site that is the authority for this: the United States House of Representatives (http://www.house.gov/) or the Supreme Court.

There are many sites with timelines on them. Thus, chose one that is comprehensive AND has something unique to offer. For example, the History Channel has a timeline of important events in the 20th century, but uses videos of primary source material instead of just providing a chart. Their web site: http://www.history.com.

For more links, search our del.icio.us account:
There is a specific bundle for your class called "globalissues" on the right-hand side. This will be updated throughout the semester, so revisit it regularly!

  • use the archives of current news sites (i.e. New York Times archive 1851-1980. To search, go to their main site and drop the search box menu and select 1851-1980)
  • use sites focusing on technology, the arts, education. Avoid .com's
  • make sure you know the bias, if any, of the site you are using!
  • look for trends and timelines
  • go to specific countries web sites (.gov's, etc.). Many of them have archives.
  • go to the corresponding web site of the organization you are studying.
more to come . . .

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