Course Policies

Attendance is essential and mandatory, since most of the work for this course will be done during class time. Please, let me know ahead of time if, and why, you will miss a class.

Most of the grade will come from your laboratory reports. You will have to give me your work weekly, I will grade it and give you some feedback. You will be allowed to review your work arfter the feedback and improve your grade. There will be two open laboratory days during the semester to give you the opportunity to put your reports in order.

Late work will not be accepted without prior arrangement. Academic Honesty is expected of all scientists, and also of all students. Cheating on homework or the final exam will result in no credit.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the report have to written in Latex and for calculations and plots you will use the software R. 

Final exam

There will be a final exam at the end of the semester (Last tuesday of the semester), it will consist of a laboratory experiment.


10% Attendace
60% Laboratory reposrts + sporadic assigments
30% Exam

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