Final Grade Rubric

A list of the criteria I will use to determine your final grade


Reasons You Wouldn’t Pass

Reasons for C-range Grade

Reasons for B-range Grade

Reasons for A-range Grade


Missed more than two weeks of classes

Missed 3 or 4 classes without explanation

Missed more than 2 – 3 classes with explanation

Missed 1 or 2 classes

Paper Revisions

Not applicable

Revisions are superficial and don’t address root issues (see Writing grading rubric)

Revisions reveal independent thought and richer exegesis

Revisions reconsider earlier findings.


No posts

Majority of posts come in during last two weeks of semester.

Posts meet calendar deadlines before mid-terms.

Posts meet calendar deadlines throughout semester.

Oral Presentation

No show

Presentation is unorganized.

Presentation is accurate and organized. Questions are relevant to reading

Presentation is accurate and organized. Questions provoke substantive discussion.

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