Course Requirements and Policies

Required Texts:

Henri Van der Zee, The Hunger Winter: Occupied Holland 1944-1945 (U. of Nebraska Press, 1998).
John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath (New York: Viking Penguin, 1989).
Peter Garnsey, Famine and Food-Supply in the Greco-Roman World (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1989).

All books are available in the bookstore.  None of them are necessary for the first two weeks.  The Garnsey will be required first, in the fifth week.

Aditional Resources:

Internet Readings (see the Course Schedule for links)
Some short texts on reserve


Assignment: Due Date: % Points
Attendance, Pariticipation, and Discussion Posts 20
First Short Paper (5-7 pages) 2/16 15
Second Short Paper (4-5 pages) 3/15 10
Third Short Paper (5-7 Pages) 4/13 15
USAID Report (2 pages) 4/26 5
Presentation of Final Research Paper 5/1 5
Final Research Project 5/11 30

For more information, go to the Description of Assignments page.

Research Paper Style and Academic Integrity:

The standard historical citation form in historical research is the Chicago Manual of Style.  I am willing to accept other formats if you are more familiar with other forms.  However, whichever form of citation you use, I would prefer the use of footnotes with clear references to the work and page numbers for any idea, argument or direct quote which is not your own. If you want to use Chicago Manual, Ohio State has a reasonable online summary of many of the basic styles (it begins with Sciences – scroll down for History samples).  If you have any questions about when to cite and how to cite, feel free to ask me at any time.


Late Work Policy:

In general, I am willing to accept papers at any point.  However, I reserve the right to not provide feedback on any assignment more than 48 hours late.  I have planned out the due dates to make it possible for me to offer full and useful commentaries; especially for those assignments that will accumulate research and writing towards the final research project, this will prove fairly important and I encourage you for all our sanity and well-being to get material in on time. 

No work will be accepted after Tuesday, May 14th, at Noon.


Variable Credit

If a student consults with me, I am willing to offer this course for a variable amount of credits.  However, due to the integrated nature of the course (much of the work centers on the final research essay) I encourage full credit participation.  Students should also be warned that taking the course for less than 4 credits can often make transfer of the course to other schools difficult.




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