Turkey Trip Itinerary

Turkey Trip Itinerary

Friday, March 15 - Departure from Marlboro Campus 8:00 am to New York Logan Airport - flight departs from JKF at 1:55 pm

Saturday, March 16 - Arrival in Istanbul 5:45 am – bus to Iznik (this still needs to be worked out exactly how this will happen) Arrival will be in the evening.

Sunday, March 17 - Day in Iznik

  • Iznik Museum
  • Tour of the town

Monday, March 18 – Day in Iznik

  • Iznik Foundation

Tuesday March 19 – Bus to Bursa (approximately a 1 and a half hour bus trip).

Wednesday, March 20 - Bursa

  • Mosque and Tomb of Mehmed I (aka the Yesil Camii or Green Mosque) 1414-1424 - examples of monochrome blue and green gilded tiles, cuerda seca, and tile mosaic.
  • Koza Han and the surrounding market - 1491

Thursday, March 21 - Bursa

  • Mosque of Murad II - 1425 and after - the tomb complex around this mosque contains a number of examples of tile including the tomb of Prince Cem built by Mehmed II for his son Mustafa who died in 1474, the tomb of Shezade Mahmud, 1505-07 and the tomb of Ahmed, 1513.

Friday, March 22 - Morning in Bursa, depart in the afternoon for Istanbul

Saturday, March 23 - Day in Istanbul

At this point we are hoping that to some extent we will organize our itineraries chronologically, on this day we will bookend the history of the city that is key for the subject of this class so we will visit the Hagia Sophia Church commissioned by the emperor Justinian in 532 and the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet built in 1609 and 1616. For those who wish it we will travel out to the land walls to visit the Byzantine church of Christ in Chora (aka the Kariye Camii) that has a preserved cycle of narrative mosaics and frescoes from the 14th century.

Sunday, March 24 - Day in Istanbul

  • Modern Istanbul visit the Istanbul Modern
  • Pera Museum and the area around the Galata tower

Monday, March 25 - Day in Istanbul 

  • Topkapi Saray

Tuesday, March 26 – Day in Istanbul - Classical Ottoman Architecture

  • Suleymaniye Mosque, built by the architect Sinan for the Sultan Suleyman - 1550-57
  • Rustem Pasa Mosque, built by Sinan for Rustem Pasa in 1561-63
  • Shezade Mosque, built by the architect Sinan for Suleyman
  • Selim Mosque and Tomb, commissioned by Suleyman to honor his father Selim I - c. 1520

Wednesday, March 27 - Edirne by bus

  • Selimiye Mosque, built by the architect Sinan for the Sultan Selim - 1569-75

Thursday, March 28 - Day in Istanbul - All over tile decoration

  • Sokollu Mehmet Pasa 1567-72
  • Spice bazar
  • Yeni Camii, 1597-1663

Friday, March 29 - Depart Istanbul for NYC


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