Dances in the Rough demonstration sequence


Begin with Elliot on stage -- Music starts here.

All dancers cross the stage walking any speed any direction. All stop on stage facing any direction.

After 4 beats of music, all begin the opening spine warm up (in 4/4 rhythm) that we used for the first 8 weeks of class (right side only). Then leave.

Elliot/Patrick/Olivia trio happens

At the end of the trio, Anna, Lily and Sammi pass across the stage doing alternating shapes. As they finish, the two duets come in doing alternating shapes.

Then we see the two duets on stage together: Randy and Gini, and Jen and Erika

Randy, Gini and Jen leave at the end of the duets and Erika begins the spine warm up in her own timing

As soon as Erika stands still to begin the spine warm up, others run in a few at a time and join Erika dancing the spine phrase in their own timing

When dancers finish the phrase they run off stage, leaving behind the final group: Anna, Sammi, and Lily

This trio dances their choreography.

As the trio finishes, Elliot, Olivia and Patrick creep in behind them doing alternating shapes. Music ends when they are only half way across the stage.

For clothing, let's try blues, greens, and purples. Solid colors will work best.  Lily will pull out options from the costume collection for those who don't have these colors in their personal wardrobes.  Check your closet and bring some options with you to class Thursday. 

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