Final Self-Assessment -- Due Friday Dec. 7

Looking back over the semester, take time to assess your work and progress, giving extra attention to the time that has passed since your last self-assessment.

1. Big Picture:
What resonates most strongly for you from your experiences in beginning modern dance class this semester? (e.g. specific knowledge about your own body, interests or capabilities you discovered, particular movement ideas or skills, realizations you had about yourself, understandings about the art of dance, etc.) Any answers are acceptable here as long as they come from your own honest reflection.

1. Participation:
Refer back to the Participation Rubric (posted on Courses) and evaluate your own participation in each of the four areas. In addition to assigning yourself a number for each, write a short narrative explaining your assessment of your work in each area. Do you think your participation has changed over the course of the semester? If so, how?

2. Progress:
How is your dancing (in class) different now than it was at the start of the semester? In what ways did your abilities and understandings grow and change? Take time to recognize your own progress, while also being honest about places in which you feel you did not progress or could still progress more. There is no way you could perfect all the skills of modern dance technique in one semester!

Length: 2 pages typed double spaced
Due: Via Email on or before Friday Dec. 7

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