Due Thursday Dec. 6: Final Portfolio

The final portfolio is a chance for you synthesize your learning in this course, drawing upon what you have learned both from seeing and discussing dance all semester and from undertaking a study of writing about dance.   What have you discovered that you want to explore more deeply?  What do you want to go back to?

We invite you to take time to deepen and polish (some of) your work from this course into strong and substantial writing.  You may choose to revise and polish two of your writings or to revise and substantially extend one of your pieces (through the addition of research, a comparison to another work, or a longer treatment of the original work).

You have three weeks to complete this assignment and we expect you to spend substantial time on it.  Consider each word that you choose in your writing.  Think about what each sentence and paragraph conveys and how it reaches your reader.  The level of deepening and polishing of your work that we are expecting is not something that can be accomplished the day before the portfolio is due.

Sara and Kristin are willing to provide one additional round of feedback or writing support to each of you during the portfolio preparation process, especially as we will not have regular classes during the weeks you are crafting your portfolios. You must submit drafts no later than Nov. 27 if you wish to receive feedback from Sara.  Kristin is not available to give feedback during the week of Dances in the Rough.

(Should we set deadlines for when we'll accept work for feedback?  We had talked of you taking papers the week after Thanksgiving and doing an optional writing session on Nov. 29. However, all of the students in class will be in dress rehearsal that night for Dances in the Rough, so that plan won't work out.  I could squeeze in some feedback if I had papers by mid-day Dec. 2, though I know the students are unlikely to work much on their portfolios during Thanksgiving or the concert week.  What do you think?  One more round of feedback during the 3 week writing period seems like a fair thing to offer.)

Final portfolios are due on Thursday Dec. 6 when we will gather for a celebratory dinner (and perhaps invite you to read some of your best work aloud).
Good luck!  We are proud of the progress you've made this semester and look forward to seeing where you can take your writing with this final stage of the process.

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