Due Thursday Nov. 15: Reflection Essay

Take time to think back over the semester, re-read all of your essays and feedback and reflect in writing on your journey:

      What have you learned from seeing live performance each week?

      How has discussing these performances with others played a role in your experience?

     How has your relationship to viewing performances and to discussing them changed (if at all) over the course of the semester?

     What do you observe in looking a back at your writing? What challenges arose?  How did you address them and where do you feel your writing stands now?

      What do you see as the highlights of your writing and thinking about dance this semester?

     What next level(s) do you feel ready to go to (or at least reach for) in your writing and thinking about dance?

At the end of your reflection essay, propose a portfolio project that allows you to build on some of the drafts you've created this semester and take your work to the next level.  Both the writing and the thinking that the writing presents are important, so consider both where you are finding strength in crafting your language and what you have to say.  A full description of the Final Portfolio project is available in a separate link on the Courses page.

We imagine it will take you about 3 pages to complete this reflective essay, but of course you can take up more space if you have more thoughts you want to share.   For this personal essay, some freewriting may help you gather your ideas, however (for your own sake and ours) please then take some time to distill and organize your thoughts.

Note: For this essay,  focus on your own learning.   Sara and I would love to hear feedback from all of you about the structure of course itself and how we can improve our teaching of it for the future.  We will make time for this conversation in a class before the end of the semester.  Feel free to keep a side list of ideas about the course so that you remember to share them with Sara and I.

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