Video Viewing assignment -- Due Thursday Nov. 1

As mentioned in class last Thursday, this week, we will take a look at some examples of contemporary modern dance.

To gain some context for how th basic movement skills we're developing in class could be used in performance, view "A Few Videos of Contemporary Modern Dance" in the Resources section of the course page. The videos are all brief excerpts (1-5 minutes) that give you a taste of a particular choreographer's movement style.

Think about which of the movement selections are the most compelling to you. Watch these parts again.  Why you are drawn to them? 

What skills do the dancers in these selections appear to have? 

Which aspects of what we have been studying in class do you see in the selection(s) you have chosen?

Articulate your responses to the above questions in at least one page (typed, double spaced), due in class on Thursday Nov. 1 or by email before class.

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