Due Nov. 1: Reading dance journals, newspapers, and blogs

In preparation for our guest class with Sara Smith (editor of Kinebago) on Nov. 1, please spend a few hours perusing a variety of dance journals, newspapers, and blogs.  The list of possible sources that we shared in class Thursday is offered below, and of course, feel free to expand beyond this list.  Most of the following sources are available either online, on reserve in the dance classroom, or through the library.  Please read the journals on reserve only in the Serkin building, as they come from Sara and Kristin's personal collections.

Take a look at at least 5 different sources.  Make sure to read Kinebago as one of them  (copies will be available for all of you as soon as they arrive in the mail).

The goals of this assignment are two fold: (1) to familiarize yourself with some of the sources of dance writing that are available, (2) to find models of dance writing that speak to your interests and style. 

Bring to class on Thursday, at least one piece of writing that you admire (as a piece of writing) and find useful in some way as a model for yourself. 

Looking at Contemporary Performance – Fall 2012

Resources for Writing on Dance and Contemporary Performance




ANIMATED: The Community Dance Magazine

Leicester, UK, http://ausdance.org.au

A British newsprint magazine that is published three times a year. Focusing on dance in Europe, the magazine includes writing by dancers and choreographers who address a different topic in each issue.  The Winter 2012 focuses on site specific dance practices.


Contact Quarterly

Not just about contact improvisation, this journal features artist-centered writings about improvisation, somatics and contemporary dance.  Kristin has a full back issue set in her office and there are many recent issues available in the seminar room. 


Dance Theatre Journal

Published by the Laban Center in London.  We have a number of recent issues on reserve in the dance seminar room.


The Drama Review (TDR)

Academic articles about performance.  Great source for research.  Available via JSTOR.


In Dance

A San Francisco dance publication.  We have one copy from a few years back in the dance seminar room.



Los Angeles, CA  itchjournal.org

Itch is a bi-annual journal containing poetry, personal and academic essays, photos and drawings submitted by perofmance and visual artists in Los Angeles and beyond, all who have "divergent interests and practices that constellate around an issue theme in happenstance yet curiously fortuitous bricolage"



A new journal about dance in New England published by Sara Smith (our guest speaker Nov. 1).  Issue #1 is on reserve in the dance seminar room.  You will each get a copy of issue #2 from Sara.


Movement Research Journal

A sporadically produced periodical by artists, for artists, that comes out of NYC.  Great source for conversation on current hot topics in contemporary dance.  Available free in NYC or by subscription to those out of the city.  We have copies of many recent issues on reserve in the dance seminar room.



Women in Performance: a journal of feminist theory

No longer in publication, but back issues can be found – short and longer academic essays and reviews. Back issues available through www.tandfonline.com/toc/rwap20/current




The Boston Phoenix


Reviews of dance happening in Boston in the Berkshires – written by Debra Cash and Marcia Siegel


New York Times

Publishes several brief dance reviews per week. Claudia LaRocco, Gia Kourlas,


New Yorker

Arlene Croce still publishes dance pieces here from time to time


Time Out New York

Weekly reviews of dance



The Village Voice

A weekly paper that still has reviews of dance. For years had a very robust coverage of NYC dance events by Deborah Jowitt and Elizabeth Zimmer among others.



On-line resources:


Various Blogs by

  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa
  • Cassie Peterson
  • The Collective for Dance Writing and New Media
  • Debra Cash
  • Claudia LaRocco – The Performance Club http://theperformanceclub.org/category/claudia/




Culturebot.org is a website devoted to cultural critique and the contemporary performing arts . It launched in December 2003 under the creative direction and leadership of founder Andrew Horwitz. Through previews, interviews, points of view and reviews, Culturebot provides a platform for dialogue and conversation around the performing arts, fostering new voices in critical writing and supporting thoughtful investigation of artists working across disciplines.


Critical correspondence


On-line resource produced by Movement Research – has writings, interviews, video projects and research. “Critical Correspondence is an artist-driven project of Movement Research that aims to activate, develop and increase the visibility of critical discourse on dance and movement-based performance workWe initiate conversations and writings to map the language surrounding current practices and to establish a dialogue between artists and others who are engaged with this work. We also host contributions from artists/writers traveling, working in different localities or reporting from a particular working process.”

Dancehouse Diary

Melbourne Australia www.dancehouse.com.au

An independent publication for Dancehouse, a performing arts center in down town Melbourne.  The journal includes writing by and abouat the Dancehouse artists-in-residence in the form of diary entries and essays, reviews of recently presented work, information about upcoming world premiers and an events calendar.


Emergency Index


Inspired by the "Artist's Chronicle" section in the performance art journal "High Performance" EI is an annual periodical that collects the year's performances in print. The entires are non-curated and all perfomrances are eligible as long as they took plance in the year specified by the editors. Each entry consists of basic program information, a photo and a short paragraph written by the work's creator.



Salt Lake City


 Salt Lake City's only performance journal loveDANCEmore is a collection of essays and photos centered on teh issue's theme and contributed by both locally and nationally renowned artists, dancers, choreographers and critics.


Rhinoceros Event

USA and Mexico www.rhinocerosevent.blogspot.com

A quarterly publication in pamplet form that contains writings by choreographers and visual artists based on a specific topic. Each issue features two writers and one photographer.



Brooklyn, NY www.53rdstatepress.org

Publishes texts from performances and new plays





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