Videos for Friday Oct. 26: Group Pieces (with written reflection)

Watch the following excerpts from group pieces bringing to bear the concerns of your current project (even if it is a solo). 

And look at the ways these choreographers work with groups.  How do the choreographers subdivide and recombine their groups?   How do the groups use space? 

Pick one piece and write about how the choreographer uses the group and what effect his/her various choices have on your understanding of the piece. 

(You can make note also of ideas useful to your current project, but you do not have to write up these notes for homework.)

             Writing Due: Oct. 26 by email before class

Barak Marshall, excerpt from "Rooster"

Pina Bausch, excerpt from "Rite of Spring"

Morgan Thorson, excerpt from "Heaven"

Joe Goode, excerpt from "Small Experiments in Song and Dance"

Joshua Monten, excerpts from "Superheros"

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