Due Oct. 25: Writing about Michael Sakamoto's performance

Pick a specific way of responding and write a 3 page paper about Michael Sakamoto's Oct. 18 performance.  Draw on the readings from Looking Out to help you navigate the task of writing about dance forms from outside your cultural background. 

Think about your point of view.  Who are you writing as:  a choreographer looking for ideas about choreographic craft?  a reviewer for the daily paper?  a fellow dancer?  a cultural ambassador for butoh and Thai dance forms?...  

Also, who are you writing to?  Make a clear decision about the audience for this paper (e.g. the general public, other students, other dancers, people new to seeing butoh and Thai dance, your mom, the presenter of the concert series, Michael Sakamoto,  a group of 5 year olds, etc.)

While you may include references to the post-performance discussion in your paper, be sure not to let this textual information replace what you actually experienced, thought and felt during the performance.  Let the work itself be the primary source for your paper. 

You may write about one or more of the individual dances, the concert as a whole or even the event as a whole (including announcements,discussion,etc.).

Good luck!

Due: Thursday Oct. 25 in class -- 4 hard copies -- plus copies emailed to Sara and Kristin

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