Writing Assignment for those who missed the Yanira Castro performance

View a professional modern dance performance off campus.  If you are not able to join the Looking at Contemporary Performance class on one of their trips, please consult me in advance about the performance you wish to attend. 

In reflecting on the performance, consider:

What were the moments that you found most interesting (or memorable, or meaningful, or beautiful, or...)?   How can you describe these moments in language that highlights what is specific about them and helps your reader to imagine them?
What was it about these moments that compelled you? the energy of the movement? the forms the bodies created? the way the dancers interacted with space or light? the relationships between the performers? the ideas that the movement communicated to you?

Take 2 pages to respond. Include at least one page of writing (discussing the above questions) but also feel free to respond more broadly to the performance. For up to half of the assignment, you can express your responses, questions, ideas in creative media (other than academic writing) such as poetry, free writing, collage, drawing, painting, ideas for movement, etc.

Have some fun with it! Your personal response can go any direction you'd like, as long as it is still rooted in the piece.

Length: 2 pages

Due: within one week of the performance that you see

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